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  • October 07, 2013 - October 07, 2013

Robert Hunter is set to perform The Wilbur Theatre on Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 8pm

The Agency Group is pleased to announce that the legendary lyricist of the Grateful Dead, Robert Hunter, will return to the public stage on a __-city tour in September, 2013 after a gap of several years."I began thinking about touring again and started working on my guitar playing," Hunter said recently.  "And the more I played the more I was reminded of the special joy that connecting with an audience brings.  And I realized I missed it.  It's time to hit the road."

Once Hunter was chastised by an academic critic for using the cliché "long strange trip" in his song "Truckin'."  Hunter had to explain to the confused teacher that he'd actually invented the phrase, so he was innocent of that particular sin.  In fact, fragments of Hunter's lyrics are part of the American musical DNA.  He's written far too many classics to count, and his lyrics float through American life the way Cole Porter's once did.

Although best known as a lyricist, he has performed live off-and-on throughout his career, presenting his own unique slant on songs that are engraved on his audience's minds. It is an exceptional show, and the news that he's venturing back onto the road is welcome news indeed.

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