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Offer Boston CityPASS to your incoming meeting attendees. CityPASS includes admission tickets to the city's five most famous attractions, including New England Aquarium, at a 47% discount, plus visitors will skip long ticket lines. It's a nice way to 1) offer your delegates/accompanying spouses a way to tour the city at a huge discount; 2) make a little profit for the convention group; and 3) offer a tour option to the destination without having to create the tour, hire guides and buses, etc. You post a link, we handle orders and fulfillment, and send you a commission check. It really is that simple. Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for the CityPASS Web Affiliate Program.

2. Display a graphic and CityPASS description on your meeting website signup page (also within eNews outreach and your Meeting's Facebook page)

3. In all places link to using your affiliate URL

4. Meeting attendees purchase CityPASS, we handle all fulfillment and customer service

5. Sales are tracked and we send you 10% commission for purchases

Other than posting the affiliate link, the convention group doesn't have to do anything. All sales transactions, order fulfillment, customer service, etc. take place on CityPASS's end. Please contact Karen Jacob to get started.


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