Waltham, MA

WalthamWebsite: city.waltham.ma.us
Area: 13.6 sq miles (35.22 km²)
Population: 61,181 (2011)

MBTA: Waltham can be accessed through the Fitchburg/Boston Commuter Rail Line out of North Station, including two stops in town at Central Square across from City Hall and Brandeis University.

Incorporated in 1783, the town of Waltham is also known as Watch City because of its association with the watch industry. In 1854, Waltham Watch Company opened a factory in town and it was the first company to make watches on an assembly line. The company served the town well and produced over 35 million watches and other instruments before closing in 1957. Additionally, Waltham is the original home of the Boston Manufacturing Company, the first integrated textile mill in the United States. Notable people from Waltham include Franz Wright, Pulitzer-Prize winning poet, and the band Aerosmith who had a studio in Waltham known as The Wherehouse.