Spring in Boston

As temperatures get milder, Boston blossoms with renewed energy, activities and events. Locals and visitors cherish the rites of Spring with the return of area treasures such as the Swan Boats, spinning carousels, outdoor markets, and of course the Boston Red Sox.

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Holidays & Festivals

April School Vacation begins with Patriots' Day and continues for a week with special events, activities and exhibits across the city. The upcoming ArtWeek offers creative experiences from traditional to unconventional hands-on-art demonstrations to performances that are mostly free or under $25.  Warmer temperatures pave the way for outdoor festivals such as Boston Pride Week, Boston Calling, Cambridge Arts River Festival, and the 41st Annual Dragon Boat Festival.

Sporting and Recreational Events

Performing Arts

Museums & Exhibitions

Craft & Culinary

Experiential foodies will delight in a taste of Boston's market tours, craft brewery tours, wine tastings and cooking classes - all of which showcase Boston’s unique culinary characteristics.

Food, Beer & Wine Events

Beyond Boston

To the north, the colonial towns of Salem and Ipswich, Massachusetts, come out of their winter's nap. To the south, Cape Cod gets its first beachgoers of the year over Memorial Day weekend. The winter quickly becomes but a memory.


Spring Weather

 Monthly Avg  High Avg Low Avg   Precipitation
 March  46°  32°  9"
 April  56°  41°  6"
 May  67°  50°  3.2"

What to Wear: 
Bostonians dress smartly and simply. The weather can be unpredictable. Wear layers that can be removed or added. An umbrella is a good idea for May showers.

Day: If you're touring, wear comfy shoes for walking. Depending how early in the season you visit, you may want a heavier jacket.

Evening: Consider your agenda; the theater tends to be dressier and some upscale restaurants require jackets. It can get chilly in the evening.