Our Mission

The Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB) is the primary private sector marketing and visitor services organization charged with the development of meetings, conventions and tourism-related business. Our goal is to enhance the economy of Boston, Cambridge and the metropolitan area.

Our Organization

The GBCVB is a not-for-profit, membership-driven sales and marketing organization comprised of over 1,200 companies in Boston, Cambridge and across New England that depend upon the visitor and convention industries for their own success and growth.


The marketing focus of the GBCVB involves the following departments: Group Sales, Visitor Services, Media Relations & Tourism Sales, Visitor Marketing and Destination Services.

Conventions & Meetings

The solicitation of conventions and meetings involves city and state government, area hotels, exhibition companies and other GBCVB member companies.


The tourism marketing effort is a carefully planned strategy that takes into consideration every opportunity to partner with state and city government, as well as local and private groups who share the same objectives.

Through our partnerships, the GBCVB works to stimulate growth in international and domestic markets that offer the highest potential for new business for Greater Boston.

Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Report highlights our activities and lays out our initiatives for 2019 and beyond. 


Membership is a prerequisite for participation in any of our programs.
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