Cruiseport Boston sets passenger record; Honors Boston CVB CEO Pat Moscaritolo

November 14, 2018
Media contacts: David O’Donnell

On Friday, November 9, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), Boston elected officials, and local community members celebrated Flynn Cruiseport Boston’s record-breaking 2018 cruise season and recognized Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB) President & CEO Pat Moscaritolo for his contributions to growing Boston’s cruise industry.  Flynn Cruiseport Boston welcomed a record 390,696 visitors to Boston in 2018. During the ceremony, Massport announced that the recently refurbished mezzanine level of the Cruiseport terminal, which is the gateway through which cruise passengers are welcomed to Boston, will be renamed the “Moscaritolo Mezzanine.”

Massport and elected officials recognized Moscaritolo for his extraordinary efforts in promoting Boston and New England as he prepares to leave the organization in February 2019.  “Pat, time and time again, has been an advocate and a successful supporter of the blue-collar job sector in Boston.  Hotel workers, longshoremen, waiters, chefs, bartenders, valets, and the list goes on,” said State Senator Nick Collins.  Since 1991 Moscaritolo has been CEO of the GBCVB, the primary marketing and visitor service organization that develops convention and tourism business for Greater Boston while representing more than 1,200 businesses throughout New England. Prior to joining the GBCVB, Moscaritolo served as the Deputy Executive Director of Massport and as the Director of Logan Airport. During his tenure, Logan Airport won national awards for its “Airports Are for People, Too” customer service initiatives.

Massport CEO Tom Glynn and Massport Port Director Lisa Weiland celebrated the record-breaking season while praising the work that Moscaritolo has done to position Boston as a world-class cruise destination. “Boston continues to draw more cruise passengers as both a port of call and a starting point for longer journeys to Canada, the Caribbean and beyond, and the men and women employed at Cruiseport recognize the significant impact tourism has on the Commonwealth and the country as a whole,” said Glynn. “I would like to thank my friend Pat Moscaritolo for his dedication to making Boston the hub it is today and helping us reach this milestone.”

Weiland echoed Glynn’s sentiment.  “The Port of Boston is a popular cruise destination attracting visitors from around the world to the rich history of our region, our championship sports teams, award-winning restaurants, and beautiful sights and we continue to watch Boston grow as an embarkation port and destination port of call for many cruise lines,” said Wieland. “I would also like to thank Pat Moscaritolo for his leadership and commitment to making Boston a top tourist destination and bustling center of commerce.”

Glynn and Weiland both thanked Moscaritolo for his role in convincing the state legislature to approve a $100M expansion plan and upgrade for the Cruiseport facility.  The project will enable Cruiseport to further expand its season and Homeport multiple ships per day, including vessels with over 4,000 passengers.

Moscaritolo pointed to the economic impact that the expanded cruise season has had on the visitor industry in Boston.  “With over 150 cruise ships delivering nearly 400,000 visitors to Boston’s shores, business has boomed for our attractions, museums, restaurants and retailers. Our visitor season now extends into November because of Flynn Cruiseport Boston’s schedule of ships calling on Boston,” Moscaritolo said.  “And as strong as this season has been, we are all excited by Massport’s expansion plans and 21st century upgrades to the Cruiseport Boston terminal and what that will mean for our visitor industry and visitor economy.” 

Ambassador Ray Flynn, the 52nd Mayor of Boston, was in attendance and reflected on the dedication and coalition-building that Glynn and Moscaritolo have championed in revitalizing the port.  “You revived this port to be what it once was way back during the heyday,” said Flynn.  “It’s one of the most vibrant ports in America and we owe that to Tom and Pat for your hard work.”