No hablo Inglés! What do you do when the people on your video conference don’t speak English!?

Face-to-face meetings and conventions are on-hold, unless deemed essential, yet that does not mean you can’t still meet with people and gather virtually, even when you don’t speak the same language.

How does it work?  Easy, you include an interpreter on the video call to facilitate the conversation.  Watch the video below to see a live (pretend) one in action.

Hints to make sure it works well:

  • Use a professional interpreter who understands your subject matter – not just a bilingual employee or colleague
  • Schedule in advance to make sure the right interpreter is available – someone who is familiar with your industry and/or business
  • Speak just 1-2 sentences at a time then pause so the interpreter has an opportunity to repeat what you say
  • Avoid cultural and sports references – the rest of the world does not follow the Patriots or Red Sox or even understand football or baseball
  • Do not use humor or slang - this can make it difficult for your interpreter to get the point across

Keep your networks and business connections strong by continuing to have meetings and make plans.  One day soon, we will be back to in-person meetings and conferences and by laying the groundwork now, you’ll be ready to run!