Certain things are just made to go together, such as Bert and Ernie, peanut butter and jelly, and Boston sports teams and championships. But bacon and beer? Bacon and eggs, sure. Beer and obnoxious behavior, absolutely. Yes, they both taste great in their own right. Putting the two together, however, seems utterly random. Except for the alliteration. They both begin with "b," and sound nice when combined with "Boston." That's the only reason I can come up with for the concept behind the Boston Bacon and Beer Festival. (Perhaps they should have called it a "bash.") The 2013 event will be held on May 4 at the House of Blues. Here's the deal: Dozens of restaurants and brewers will be sampling bacon dishes and beers. Among the participants will be Beacon Hill Bistro, The Sinclair, Tremont 647, Sam Adams, and Blue Hills Brewery. Chow down on the baconized treats, and wash them down with local craft beers. You can feel good about, um, pigging out, because proceeds will be donated to two non-profit Boston agencies providing food to those in need. 2013 Boston Bacon and Beer Festival Saturday, May 4, 2:30PM to 5:00PM House of Blues Boston Tickets: $43

Image: Eat Boston.