Winter Storm Nemo (a far too cutesy name for such a hell-raiser of a blizzard) made things a little rough in our fair city. But Bostonians, robust souls that we are, have a saying: "When the going gets rough, the rough get going -- to a restaurant." No, we don't really say that. But we do love to eat, and we have an incredible collection of eateries to satisfy our cravings. Many of them will be participating in Restaurant Week Boston, scheduled for March 17 to 29. We can cope with blizzards and anything else winter wants to toss at us, because we know that spring, in all its glory, is just around the bend. Along with the return of the Swan Boats to the Public Garden, the Red Sox to Fenway Park, and other harbingers of the season, the spring version of Restaurant Week is a welcome and highly anticipated annual ritual.

The concept is simple: For a modest fixed price of $20.13 (damn inflation! Why only 5 years ago, the price was $20.08), patrons can enjoy a 3-course lunch. There are also 2-course lunches at $15.13 and 3-course dinners at $38.13 available. Among the more than 200 establishments participating are Union Oyster House (fun Boston fact: Opened in 1826, the Union Oyster House is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the country) where you could start your lunch with fried calamari, move on to pan-seared haddock, and top it off with Indian pudding.

Or you could head over to Brasserie Jo where you could choose pork rillette for your first course and crab beignets with saffron aioli and pommes frites for your main course. (I don't know about you, dear reader, but I am getting hungry writing about all this great food.) Restaurant Week Boston is a bit of a misnomer. Originally it was a week, but it has become so popular, it has evolved into a two-week event. It's not confined to Boston either. There are plenty of places in Cambridge, Brookline, and farther afield in the area that will be joining the culinary fun.

Reservations are highly recommended. To find participating restaurants, peruse menus, and make reservations, head over to the handy-dandy Restaurant Week Boston site.