There are so many different things you can walk of out a department store with, but nothing as unique as a tour experience from the Macy's in Downtown Crossing. After hopping off at the T or  walking over from the Boston Common, you will find yourself surrounded by amazing shopping deals and friendly faces. Located on the ground floor, their Visitors Center is open to assist with tour bookings, maps, restaurant suggestions, or simply where is the shoe department? Macy’s even offers customized group programs for those who would like a personalized shopping experience or to learn all about Macy’s history.

I had the privilege of taking the Macy’s Boston History Tour. You can learn about the expansive and rich history of the shopping hub that has housed Jordan Marsh (who else misses the blueberry muffins?) and now Macy’s. But there is so much more beyond the shopping history. Without giving away too much of the tour, you will learn about business history of Downtown Boston and America’s largest department store. Pay attention to the plaques ;)

While circulating the store, I had the chance to learn about their #AmericanSelfie program. This

summer as you celebrate the warm sunshine, Macy's would like for you share what being an American means to you. Snap this in a selfie and use the #AmericanSelfie, upload it onto Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and Macy's will donate $1 to Got Your 6. A nonprofit that supports our veterans in promoting their positive impact as leaders in the community.

This is one of the many ways that Macy's works beyond the appliances they sell in their stores, or the shirts they sell on the racks. Macy's is focused on providing the most enjoyable and educational shopping experience. And if you're ever in a bind, try Macy's complementary Personal Shopping service. 

Macy's Boston
450 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02205
(617) 357-3183