Surely, but oh-so-slowly, the days are getting warmer here in Boston, and that means our minds turn to baseball (actually, that's a year-round passion in these parts), ice cream (actually, ditto on the year-round obsession.

Fun Massachusetts fact: We have one of the highest per-capita consumption rates of the cool, creamy stuff despite the cold weather we endure), and cars. Mind you, we're not as car crazy as California, but after months of digging out our vehicles from snow banks and suffering with a constant patina of road salt on our finishes, we enjoy giving them a good scrubbing and hitting the open road. As soon as the temperature rises into the balmy 40s, many diehards will lower the tops on their convertibles -- and stop for an ice cream cone. Of course, we also have a thing for history, and that's why we love the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. It boasts the country's oldest car collection. And by old, we're talking about horseless carriages, such as an 1899 Winton, a 1900 Rochet-Schneider, and a 1905 Electromobile. These and many other vintage cars are on display.

In addition, on select Sunday afternoons beginning in May and continuing through October, the museum presents lawn events at which owners display their prized antique and more recent vehicles. For example, June 2 is Antique Day. On other Sundays, events will feature Miatas, British cars, Corvettes, and Studebakers, to name a few. On certain Sundays, the museum also presents family fun days, which feature car-related crafts and other activities for children, and walking tours of the gardens, greenhouses, and more at the lovely Larz Anderson Park. Consider visiting the museum, packing a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park, and of course, stopping for ice cream on your way back home.

Larz Anderson Auto Museum 15 Newton Street, Brookline 2013 Lawn Events

Photo: Larz Anderson Auto Museum