It may be an abbreviated season, but it's good to have the Bruins back doing their thing. While talking about the team the other day, the discussion turned to their uniforms, as in, "What's up with the jerseys?" For home games, the team wears a primarily black jersey with gold and white accents. On the road, they wear a sort-of mirror-image version with a white background. Sometimes, however, fans might rub their eyes and wonder how many beers they've consumed as the team takes the ice in a third, less recognizable uniform.

Instead of the familiar Bruins logo of a "B" against a circle with spokes, the jerseys feature a logo with an image of a black bear. I rang up Matt Chmura, the director of communications for the Bruins to get to the bottom of the matter. The alternate uniform, he said, debuted during the 2008 season. The logo with the bear has long been part of the jersey, but it is smaller and located on the shoulders. The newer jersey switches positions, relegating the spokes to the shoulders and putting the bear front and center. There is no protocol dictating when the team dons the alternate uniform. Chmura says that players wear it about 11 times during a regular season, and that it could be for home or away games. For this year's shortened season, he says they will wear it about 7 times. The retro bear logo harks back to the uniforms worn by the very first Bruins squad for the 1924-25 season.

Boston was the first U.S. team to join the then-Canadian-based NHL. The next time you see the Bruins in their alternate jerseys, instead of thinking about your beer consumption, you could regale your friends with your newfound fashion facts.
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