Frost Ice Bar sounds like it might be a tasty new frozen treat on a stick to savor on a hot summer day. It's not that kind of bar. It's the kind that serves alcohol. (Although you might be able to get the bartender to make you a Creamsicle martini if you ask nicely.) But the ice in this bar isn't only inside the highball glasses and the frozen daiquiris. It is on the walls, the stools, the chandeliers, and the bar itself. In fact, just about everything is constructed of ice -- including the drink glasses.

The high concept comes with a low temperature. It's a frosty 21 degrees in the bar. The décor includes -- you guessed it -- ice sculptures, one of which pays tribute to the Zakim Bridge. Guests are issued parkas and gloves upon entering the room. Long pants might be a good idea.

I've been to pop-up ice bars at outdoor events, but never to an indoor one. The folks behind the enterprise claim that Frost is the world's largest permanent such place. That's right. They said permanent. Patrons will be able to pop in for a cold one on a chilly winter day as well as on a hot, humid late-summer day.

It's kind of a crazy, if compelling idea. What's next for Boston? An ice hotel? Hey, it could happen.

Frost Ice Bar
Open 7 days a week, year round. Noon to 11 p.m.
Faneuil Hall, Boston
Advance reservations recommended.

Photo: Frost Ice Bar