Usually, Bostonians join together at Fenway Park to commiserate about the beloved Red Sox and to share hot dogs, popcorn, sausage subs, and cups of beer. On May 15, folks will gather at the baseball shrine and, while they will likely commiserate about the hometown team, the food they will share will be considerably more sophisticated. That's because in yet another impressive demonstration of the Boston Strong spirit and sense of community, 100 (100!) of the city's top chefs will be dishing out signature dishes at the mother of all tasting events.

Called Boston Bites Back (love the name), proceeds will benefit The One Fund to help the people most affected by the Patriots' Day happenings. Spearheaded by celeb chefs Ken Oringer, whose restaurants include Clio at the Eliot Hotel, and Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger fame, the participating chefs are a veritable who's who (or is that what's what to eat?) of the city's dining scene. It'll be a rare opportunity to mingle with and sample bites from chefs such as Jasper White of Summer Shack, Andy Husbands of Tremont 647, and Jody Adams of Rialto at Charles Hotel. Foodies might enter an uncontrollable state of bliss (if they don't first lose control and push their stomachs beyond capacity).

Tickets, at $200 each, aren't cheap. But the cause is worthy (and if you were thinking of making a sizeable contribution anyways, this is a great -- and tasty -- excuse to, um, cough it up), and the event is unprecedented and extraordinary. To help maximize the donations, a number of sponsors are helping to underwrite the event, including gracious hosts, the Red Sox, and The Aquitaine Group, which includes restaurants such as Aquitaine Bar a Vin Bistro.

There will also be an online auction to raise funds in conjunction with the event. Organizers hope to generate $1 million. That's Boston Strong with a lot of zeroes attached. I continue to be amazed at the urgency, creativity, and sense of unity with which major events have so quickly coalesced in response to the tragedy that befell this city. If you even think of messing with us, be aware: We're going to bite back. Boston Bites Back Wednesday, May 15 Fenway Park General access tickets available for $200 donation VIP tickets available for $1000 donation Purchase tickets in advance.

Image: Boston Bites Back