Dine Out, Dine Out wherever you are!  Boston's biannual restaurant promotion - offering great deals and flexible price-points - returns March 1 and the timing couldn't be better.  Let's face it; winter in Boston has been a challenge this year but the March arrival of Dine Out Boston means that spring is on the way: magnolias, lilacs, the marathon and more!  Let's bury this unfriendly February and take advantage of some delectable deals.


Boston restaurants need your help!  The relentless succession of storms restricted travel and kept prospective patrons at home.  Bostonians were more concerned with digging out than dining out. Let's turn the tables!  Come out this March and revitalize the restaurant community while saving some dough. 


How many times can you Dine Out?  The program encourages new culinary experiences coupled with fun social experiences.  Go out with friends, go out with family, or enjoy a lunch or dinner with colleagues and peers.  This year we are putting the social component on the front burner! Share your Dine Out Boston experiences on Facebook and Instragram and qualify to win a $100 gift card to a participating restaurant!  Good food at a great price and an opportunity to enjoy more food at no price - what could be better? 


For the good of the ‘hood get out there this March!  The price is right, spring is in sight, and Dine Out Boston is a diner's delight.