We're closing in on spring, and it's a good to time to take an inventory of yourself -- some personal spring cleaning if you will -- by stepping back and reexamining the New Year's resolutions you made a few weeks back in a halcyon haze of unbridled optimism. So, how are they going for you? Yeah, I thought so. If it's any consolation: me too. Look, it's fairly easy to make resolutions (especially when you are under the spell of cheap champagne), but we all know that it's a whole other thing to follow through on them. I've got some good news, however. There is a relatively painless way to knock a few items off of your resolutions to-do list by participating in the Restaurant Week Boston 2013 auction.

Let me explain. As part of Restaurant Week Boston 2013, which runs from March 17 to 22 and 24 to 29, participating eateries have donated $100 gift certificates and other items to be auctioned. Let's say one of your resolutions was to spend more quality time with your sweetheart. Or maybe it was to reconnect with your family and friends. Bid on a few restaurant certificates, and after you win them, make the plans that you've been putting off. If better money management was among the promises you made to yourself, you have the chance to score great meals at some of the area's finest restaurants at considerable savings. (For that matter, taking advantage of Restaurant Week Boston's discounted multi-course meals would also qualify as prudent fiscal responsibility.) Did you declare, in a fit of good intentions, that you would be more adventurous?

Instead of the same old, same old, did you swear that you would try new and exciting experiences? Well, how about bidding on some restaurants that offer something different (to you)? Maybe you could explore exotic ethnic cuisines. Or you could try a place that specializes in vegetarian or vegan dishes, if that's something you've been meaning to try. Perhaps you vowed to be more giving and community-minded. We've got you covered there too. Speaking of resolutions and New Year's Eve, all proceeds from the auction will benefit this year's designated charity, First Night Boston. By the way, that resolution you made to lose some weight? Never mind. Just wait until First Night Boston 2014 (which you can feel great about having supported by participating in the auction), and vow to shed some pounds next year.

Photo: Temple Bar, Cambridge, MA.