1st and 2nd photo by: @gsager18 | 3rd photo by: @bretclancy

Old North Church

Did you know the Old North Church was the first stop of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride? After the signal from Revere, Robert Newman and Captain John Pulling climbed the 154 steps to the top of this eight-story church to light the iconic lanterns that alerted the surrounding areas that the British were coming.

Visit the Old North Church here. 


Did you know, the #Citgo sign used to be filled with five miles of neon tubing before it was replaced with the LED lights it uses today?

Zakim Bridge

Did you know that Zakim Bridge is the widest cable bridge in the US?

The George Washington Statue

Did you know the George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden is the largest statue in Boston? It reaches 38 feet total! 

Visit the George Washington Statue at the Boston Public Garden.

Massachusetts State House

Did you know that the MA State House was built on land that was once owned by one of the founding fathers of America and Massachusetts’ first elected governor, John Hancock. This iconic building was completed in 1789, while Hancock was still in office. 

Revere Beach

Did you know Revere Beach was the 1st Public Beach in the US?

The Green Monster (aka Fenway Park)

Did you know that the Green Monster was originally blue? It wasn't painted the iconic green until 1947.

Visit Fenway Park here.

The Boston Red Sox

Did you know the Red Sox weren't always called the Red Sox? Before 1907, the team was called many different names such as the Americans, Pilgrims, Somersets, Puritans and Plymouth Rocks.

See the Red Sox here.

Christian Science Plaza

Did you know the Christian Science Plaza is home to a 3 story stained glass globe that was created in 1935? Known as the Mapparium, this map has never been updated, so viewers experience the world of 1935 rather than the map we know today.