Our micro play opens on Boylston Street, one of Boston's main thoroughfares. It is a crisp, early spring day. A salt-of-the-earth family of tourists visiting from the Midwest, including Mom, Dad, and 7-year-old Mason, are strolling down the street when a man with a long overcoat beckons to them. Man with Overcoat: Psst, hey you. Yeah you. Come heah. You've got a lovely kid theah. Would he like to have some fun? I've got somethin' I want to show you. MWO nervously looks around him and begins to open his coat. Dad shields Mason's eyes. Dad: Please sir! He's only seven. MWO: Seven huh? Well perhaps he'd like to... [Opens his coat with a dramatic flourish.] ...see THIS! [Points to tickets fastened to the lining of his coat.] I've got great seats to Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day presented by Boston Children's Theatre. [Lowers his voice in a conspiratorial tone.] They normally cost $25, but I can sell 'em to ya at half price. Mason: Hey, I read that book in school. Can we go Dad? Dad: Half price? Sounds great! Mom: Leonard, are you crazy? We are not going to buy anything from this questionable looking gentleman with the funny accent. MWO: Hey! Whatchya mean by a funny accent? That's wicked mean. Mason: [In a quivering voice.] But I would really like to go see the show. As a tear rolls down young Mason's cheek, the family slowly shuffles down the street. THE END Mason's dreams may have been dashed, but had his mom and dad known about Get ARTventurous, they really could have nabbed tickets to the Boston Children's Theatre show at considerable savings and without having to deal with a skeezy dude on the street. Presented by ArtsBoston and BostonCentral, the money-saving program is offering thousands of half-price tickets to over 50 spring performances geared to families with kids and teens. Among the discounted offers are Peter Pan featuring Cathy Rigby at the Citi Wang Theatre, Pippi Longstocking at Wheelock Family Theatre, Blue Man Group at The Charles Playhouse, and Sleeping Beauty at the Puppet Showplace Theatre. If you and your family will be visiting our fair city this spring, or if you locals are looking for things to keep your kids entertained during April school vacation, you'll want to check out the great deals. If not for yourself, then for poor Mason. Get ARTventurous- Half-price Boston-area shows for children and teens Available through April 30, 2013 Tickets are limited

Photos- Top: Boston Children's Theatre, Bottom: Citi Performing Arts Center