Would you like to star in your own reality TV show? Short of marrying a Kardashian or having a set of pipes like Massachusetts' own American Idol, Angie Miller (go Angie!), you have two chances: slim and nada. But you could play the game, Urban Adventure Quest, and have your own Amazing Race-style adventure around our wonderful city.

Armed with a smartphone or a tablet, teams access the intriguing interactive game, which sends them scurrying to famous and not-so-famous sights to answer questions and score points. Contestants can request clues, but that lowers their score. The time it takes to complete the quest is also factored into the final score. The two-mile route, which takes about two hours to complete, starts at Boston Common and follows the Freedom Trail through the North End and other locations. There are a total of 16 questions. It is an entertaining, hands-on, and fun way to tour the city and learn some history.

And because you are savvy enough to be reading the HUBa HUBa blog, I've got a special discount code for you that will nab you about 25% off of the regular price (see below). Consider videotaping your team as you bop around Boston on your Urban Adventure Quest. Then play it back later and pretend you actually were the stars of your own reality show. Maybe you could get Ryan Seacrest to host your video.

Urban Adventure Quest Boston Use promotion code, BOSTONUSA, and pay a discounted rate of $39.20 for a team. Suggested team size is 2 to 5 players

Photo: Urban Adventure Quest