Visiting Boston any time soon? You will almost certainly want to indulge in some lobster while you enjoy our fair city. The delicacy is closely associated with New England and is de rigueur dining for the complete Boston experience. There are any number of fine establishments that would be delighted to serve you a traditional lobster dinner, including Aragosta Bar and Bistro at the Fairmont Battery Wharf. But the waterfront eatery offers a unique opportunity to really get a hands-on Boston experience: You get to help catch your lobster.

And by "help catch your lobster," I don't mean that you mosey on over to the tank in the restaurant and tell your server, "I'll have that one." I mean that you and your companions climb aboard an honest-to-goodness lobster boat, cruise around Boston Harbor, watch the crew as they bait, drop, and haul their traps and remove the bounty, and then tell the captain, "I'll have that one." When you get back to shore, the Aragosta chefs will prepare your lobster.

The 60-minute cruise includes a narrated tour of the harbor. It also offers a glimpse into the life of a working fisherman. You can purchase the lobster tour and dinner separately or as part of a Fairmont Battery Wharf lobster boat package that includes accommodations. The hotel package is available through August 31, 2013.

Photo: Fairmont Battery Wharf