There have been countless examples of the city's strength, united purpose, and resiliency in the face of the Marathon bombings. Here are some more reasons why we are Boston Strong.

Dedicated to providing the highest levels of hospitality to guests, hotels and restaurants near the site of the tragedy extended their legendary hospitality to law enforcement officials -- and to one another. According to the Boston Globe, the stately Lenox hotel was transformed into a mess hall for the investigators at the massive crime scene. Hundreds of hungry officers and agents quickly overwhelmed the hotel and depleted its food supply. Because the area was cordoned, no deliveries were allowed. Think that's the end of the story? Think again. This is Boston Strong. Other hotels and restaurants that are normally competitors of the Lenox began donating food. Since it couldn't be trucked over, cartons of bacon, trays of deli meat, platters of burgers, and scores of other items began arriving by hand, aboard luggage carts, and other improvised means. Among the donors were the Four Seasons Hotel Boston, Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks, the Colonnade Hotel, and the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. Like other Back Bay businesses near the Marathon's finish line, the Lenox had been closed. Many of its off-the-clock employees volunteered to prepare and serve the food. The grateful investigators took up a collection of a few thousand dollars to give to the hotel's workers, but the workers insisted that it be donated to One Fund Boston for bombing victims instead.

That, my friends, is Boston Strong personified. The police tape has come down, the impromptu mess hall is gone, and the Lenox and many other Back Bay businesses have reopened for business. (See the latest updates at Boston USA.) But Boston Strong endures. See it for yourself, and visit our wonderful city.

Photo: Lenox Hotel and The Boston Globe