As the World Series unfolds, Red Sox Nation is in a state of collective, if guarded, euphoria (along with bleary-eyed stupor. Like the band Journey, we don't stop believin', but some of the games go on and on and on and on). Whatever the fans call themselves in St. Louis (Red Bird Ninnies? Birdbrains?) are also root, root, rooting for their home team -- and talking smack about the other team.

It's not just a showdown between the Sam Adams (tastes great!) and Budweiser (less taste!) beer-swilling crowds. It's a community-wide smackdown between Boston and the Show-Me state that extends to its musical ambassadors. Don't believe me? (Yeesh. It didn't take you long to stop believin'.) Check out this clever video in which members of the esteemed Boston Symphony Orchestra (sounds great!), under the direction of maestro Seiji Ozawa, and members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (less fiddling!) go at it to the tune of "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)." And just for the record Birdbrains, yes we can, yes we can.