Normally, we Bostonians pooh-pooh anything related to New York City -- especially the New York Yankees, who, of course, are full of pooh pooh. But, we make an exception for the Big Apple Circus, which has been setting up its big top tent in town for years, and will dazzle and delight audiences with its 2013 edition from March 26 through May 12 at City Hall Plaza. I particularly enjoy the Big Apple's one-ring presentation as opposed to the three-ring Ringling Bros. circus spectacles, which I have found hyperactive and difficult to follow. Plus, the relatively intimate confines of the tent make every seat a prime spot and place audiences close to the action. Despite its comparatively small size, Big Apple always delivers the right dose of pageantry and thrills, as well as great music, lighting, and other top-notch production values. Among the performers (most of whom are from outside of the country and none of whom, as far as I can tell, are actually from New York City -- yay!) will be the proverbial man on a flying trapeze, a contortionist, and tango-dancing jugglers. Speaking of pooh pooh, there will also be an act featuring prancing horses, donkeys, and dogs. You: "Hey! Boston can get a bit nippy in late March and April! And the circus is set up in an outdoor tent! What's up with that?!" Me: First of all, please stop exclaiming. You're giving me a headache. Second of all, the tent is climate controlled with both heating and, should it warm up sufficiently before the circus ends its Boston run, air conditioning. Big Apple Circus presents Legendarium March 26 to May 12, 2013 Boston City Hall Plaza Tickets and info: (888) 541-3750 Tickets start at $20

Photos: Big Apple Circus. Used with permission.