Boston Ballet's Coppelia 2013 To be honest, I've attended the ballet, and it's just not my thing. When the lights came up for intermission at one performance, I leaned over to my wife and asked, "Is it really necessary for all these dancers to be propped up on their toes? I mean, what's up with that? It looks downright painful." She gave me one of those exasperated, withering glances that indicated I should probably shut my yap and skulk away to the refreshment stand.

If ballet is your thing, please feel free to tell me to shut my yap. But you might want to wait until I let you know that Boston Ballet will be presenting George Balanchine’s classic Coppelia this May. The story has something to do with a toymaker who creates a doll that comes to life. That sounds a bit like The Nutcracker, doesn't it? I could ask my wife whether sentient, toe-dancing dolls are a common ballet theme, but she'd probably give me another withering glance. Also not unlike The Nutcracker, Boston Ballet says that Coppelia is a light-hearted comedy that appeals to the whole family. Since performances will be held through Memorial Day, perhaps you could book a long holiday weekend getaway for your gang to our fair city and incorporate a performance of the ballet as part of your itinerary. Since the weather should be accommodating, you could pack in some outdoor activities as well to help keep your gang on their toes, so to speak. OK, I'll shut my yap now. Coppelia at Boston Ballet May 16 to 26, 2013 Tickets start at $29