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AERIAL FUTURES: The Third Dimension Harvard Graduate School of Design, Piper Auditorium
48 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA
April 24, 2019
Start Time: 6:30 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM
Price: FREE
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A public event at Harvard GSD examines the lower sky as a site of mobility

Increasing congestion and advances in autonomous technology are set to transform how we move around our cities. Many are now looking to the sky — the third dimension — as an expansive space for new kinds of mobility. Autonomous flying vehicles, such as cargo drones and flying taxis, have the capacity to disrupt how we move goods and passengers around urban space. Responding to these real-world changes, AERIAL FUTURES: The Third Dimension examines Urban Air Mobility (UAM), asking how scalable and on-demand UAM models could reduce road traffic, pollution, accidents and the strain on existing public transport networks. Within these opportunities are also challenges to overcome: noise, community acceptance, safety, cyber security and seamless integration with existing aircraft operations.

Boston and Switzerland have long understood the importance of connectivity and mobility. As world centers for tech research and design excellence, both locations are at the vanguard of urban mobility design. The presentations and panel will discuss Design Interfaces, the UAM Marketplace and Regulatory Frameworks.

Olivier de Weck, MIT AeroAstro
Jaron Lubin, Safdie Architects
Vassilis Agouridas, Airbus
Lorenzo Murzilli, Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)

Sonja Duempelmann, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Free & Open to the Public

Thursday, April 25, 2019

AERIAL FUTURES: The Third Dimension