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An Evening with Tyminski One Canal Street
Boston, MA
January 17, 2018
Start Time: 8:00 PM

Price: $20.00-$28.00
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Astute listeners will find a lot of ghosts in this machine.

At least seven times across four different songs on his daring album Southern Gothic, Dan Tyminski makes reference to wispy, other-worldly forces. They’re cast as occupants of the AM radio dial, as shadowy figures influencing the subconscious, as the essence of a man tormented by a broken relationship.

Appropriate for a ghost, the fascination with the imagery is elusive to Tyminski – “I’m still looking for it,” he confesses – but it’s an apt visual representation of the sonic spirit in Southern Gothic, a collection of songs that blends so many styles that it’s as difficult to pin down as a fleeting apparition.

Ghosts could never have inhabited a machine during the bulk of Tyminski’s storied career – as one of the premier vocalists in modern acoustic music, he’s a member of bluegrass act Alison Krauss + Union Station, a band that doesn’t even use a drummer, let alone programmed instruments.

An Evening with Tyminski
  • January 17, 2018 to January 17, 2018
  • $20.00-$28.00