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Canceled: Russell Brand: Recovery Live Boch Center
265 Tremont Street
Boston, MA
(866) 348-9738
May 31, 2020
Start Time: 7:30 PM
End Time: 9:30 PM
Price: Price: $43.50+
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Building on the momentum generated by the genre-defining Brene Brown’s Call to Courage and Tony Robbins’ I Am Not Your Guru comes Russell Brand’s Recovery Live.

World renowned stand-up comedian, Russell Brand, has twenty years’ experience as a live stage performer and multiple successful specials already to his name, including the 2018 Netflix original, Re:Birth. In Recovery Live, he brings to life his inspired, irreverent and modernized interpretation of the 12-step program. Russell boldly shares his own story, both lurid and redemptive, in a special performance that is equal parts stand-up and modern tent revival.

Russell addresses all forms of addiction – both the obvious and the insidious. Booze, heroin, Instagram, poker, co-dependency, chocolate cake, porn… and myriad other habitual ensnarements. Russell has put 15 years into the 12-step program, and now he has thoroughly modernized the system, to make us see that we are all a bit fucked. The genius of his program is that it is relevant to everyone – not just those that see themselves as addicts. His incisive and hilarious insights illustrate how we address our unhappiness and anxiety through insatiable material desires, that most all of us are on a perpetual treadmill of restlessness and disconnection because we are addicted to behaviors that do not serve us.

Profane & profound. Irrepressible bad boy & empathic healer. Occasionally disturbing & always fascinating. The conundrum is that Russell Brand is highly addictive.

Canceled: Russell Brand: Recovery Live