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Chastity Brown City Winery Boston
One Canal Street
Boston, MA
November 17, 2017
Start Time: 7:30 PM

Price: $12
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Singer-songwriter Chastity Brown has the ability to plumb into the depths of sadness in one note and then release it in her very next breath. She has toured the U.S. and abroad and been featured on NPR, CMT, The London Times and more. On her most recent album, Silhouette of Sirens, she melds folk, pop and soul, showing her power and conviction as she sings of heartbreak, need and love. The album is comprised of snapshots of memory, both lived and imagined, with light as a central character. Much like many masterful songwriters, Chastity has the ability to make her stories feel intensely personal, yet open-ended.

Chastity Brown