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Da Vinci - The Genius 1 Museum Of Science Driveway
Boston, MA
January 22 - February 26, 2017
Recurring daily
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See What Da Vinci Saw

Leonardo da Vinci saw a word centuries ahead of his time. Gain insight into not only the mind of a genius, but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles he discovered.

Working from Leonardo's codices, Italian artisans have faithfully crafted interactive and life-size machine inventions, including the first concepts of a car, bicycle, helicopter, parachute, scuba, a forerunner to the modern military tank, and an ideal city, to name a few.

In Da Vinci – The Genius you'll also gain access to the exclusive Secrets of Mona Lisa exhibition—an analysis of the world's most famous painting.

Da Vinci - The Genius
  • October 23, 2016 to February 26, 2017
  • Recurring daily