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Earls of Leicester Presented by Jerry Douglas City Winery Boston
80 Beverly Street
Boston, MA
August 1, 2018
Start Time: 8:00 PM
End Time: 9:30 PM
Price: VIP $40, premier $35, front premier $35, bar stool $30
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The Earls of Leicester have discovered a kind of magic that, when harnessed, allows moments once relegated to memories to roar back to life. Old sounds rattle loose chains of space and time that have kept us from forgotten joys and who we once were. Suddenly, as we listen to and watch the Earls pick, saw, and croon, instead of contemplating once upon a time, we are living it.

 “Many audience members have come up to me after a show and said, ‘I thought that sound was gone,’” says Dobro master Jerry Douglas, the group’s founder. “And that’s just how it struck me when the band rehearsed the first time. I hadn’t heard that sound since Flatt and Scruggs––experienced that meeting in the air of those notes in that particular way. It’s an emotional experience.”

Earls of Leicester Presented by Jerry Douglas