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GhostFlix Boston Ghosts
139 Tremont Street
Boston Common
Boston, MA
October 23-30, 2020
Recurring daily
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This Halloween season, sit back, eat some snacks, and enjoy both live streaming and pre-recorded guided ghost tours at home with
GhostFlix, a streaming platform that lets viewers join tour guides through the streets of 25 cities across the US while listening to their eerie ghost stories and haunted histories. Social distancing has never been more fun, and viewers no longer have to travel across the country to experience their favorite haunted destinations.

Exploring a city through ghost stories shared by locals is a great way to uncover its hidden culture and storied past. From the River Monster of Gatlinburg to the Head Boiler of San Antonio, ghost tours answer the first question you should ask in any new town you visit: Is it haunted? Ghostflix experiences last a little over one hour. 

Guests can type questions and hear answers from passionate local guides who lead the in-person tours, or experience past ghost tours in the city of their choice on demand. 

Shows start at $13 for past experiences, or $15 for live ones. Enjoy an hour-long tour of New Orleans, as a professional guide walks you through the streets to 8 haunted historic locations around the Crescent City from the comfort of your own home, or the eerie streets of Salem, Massachusetts, where you’ll hear stories of the witch trials and hauntings. Setting off at dusk, the spooky, fact-filled fun tours have been a hit with homebound viewers.

The guide switches between telling stories about the haunted locations to the camera, and showing you the buildings and places that are haunted in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, or more quaint attractions like St. Augustine, Gettysburg, and Asheville. Tour guide Hannah reported; “Having guests on GhostFlix is great, and the tours are always better with more people, we get great Q&A interactions from the guests.”

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