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GroundBeat: 'Froca at the Hatch Shell Hatch Memorial Shell
47 David G Mugar Way
Boston, MA
(617) 227-0365
September 16, 2019
Start Time: 5:30 PM
End Time: 6:30 PM
Price: Free
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The Esplanade Association presents GroundBeat: ‘Froca at the Hatch Shell on Monday, September 16, 2019.

The GroundBeat Music Series returns with ‘Froca at the Hatch Shell. Music and exercise are intricately connected. This class will take participants around the world, exposing them to new rhythms while they break a sweat! 'Froca is a high-energy dance-fitness class started by Sylver Rochelin Randrianantenaina, a dancer from Madagascar and a beloved Zumba instructor, that brings traditional and contemporary steps together from different countries across Africa and the Caribbean. From start to finish, 'Froca does not stop moving, which ensures people start naturally feeling the different steps and movements and get an amazing cardio workout.


As part of GroundBeat, the Esplanade’s FREE Riverfront Music Series, each month from June to September, the Esplanade Association will partner with a different local nonprofit to showcase a diverse set of performers and musical styles in an effort to promote local live arts and to attract audiences of all backgrounds to the park. Learn more at

All events in the series will feature food trucks, games, and new seating!

Photo by Sebastian Gonzalez Quintero

GroundBeat: 'Froca at the Hatch Shell