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Hamnet Emerson Paramount CenterRobert J. Orchard Stage
559 Washington St.
Boston, MA
(617) 824-8400
September 20-30, 2018
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William Shakespeare had one son: Hamnet. While William was away working in London,
Hamnet died at 11 years old without ever knowing his famous father.
How do our dreams impact our families? Do adults really have it
all figured out? Or are we blind to what we could have done better until it’s too late?
In Hamnet, a tour-de-force performance from a young actor confronts what it
means—and what it costs—to be great, and how living in the shadow
of that greatness can keep one in the dark. In this moving, meticulous,
multimedia wonder, ambition clashes with family responsibilities in a
way that rivals the stakes of a great Shakespearean tragedy.