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Hourly African Meeting House Talks Museum of African American History
46 Joy Street
Boston, MA
February 17-28, 2018
Recurring daily
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During the 19th and 20th centuries, Boston’s free African American community led the nation in the movement to end slavery and to achieve equal rights. These remarkable patriots established businesses, founded organizations, created schools, built houses of worship and homes near the iconic African Meeting House and along Underground Railroad routes on the north slope of Beacon Hill. Join us for hourly talks with interpretive rangers from the National Park Service Boston African American National Historic Site and hear stories about abolitionist giants and everyday citizens who changed the course of American history.

Times vary - see events calendar 

For more information: or call 617.725.0022, ext. 22 (weekdays) or ext. 330 weekends/evening events

Hourly African Meeting House Talks