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JON FOREMAN – The 25 IN 24 Tour - 4/26/18 One Canal Street
Boston, MA
April 26, 2018
Start Time: 8:00 PM

Price: $22.00-$34.00
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It’s easy for a surfer to lose focus and fall into the steady pull of the crashing waves, and it’s easy for a musician to forget where they came from under the glaring lights, before a sea of adoring fans screaming their name. On a surfboard or on a stage, the ground is made of different matter, and truth defers to the engulfing chaos. Jon Foreman has treaded these waters for nearly 20 years, moored by the truth he carries in his bones.


Back in 1996, he started his music career heading an unassuming San Diego-based band, now known all over the world as the multi-platinum Grammy-winning alt-rock group Switchfoot. A lifelong quest for divine answers translated effortlessly through Jon’s gritty vocals, which mediated between a lost self and an unseen higher power. Echoing an early oughts American existential crisis of faith, his spiritually-oriented rock band tapped into the cultural zeitgeist, and endured as defining sound-makers for a generation filled with unanswerable questions of their own. He later went on to form a long-term collaboration with Sean Watkins, releasing their first home-brewed collection of love ballads in 2009 under the name Fiction Family.

JON FOREMAN – The 25 IN 24 Tour - 4/26/18