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Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon Museum of Science
Science Park
Boston, MA
(617) 723-2500
June 21-29, 2019
Start Time: 9:30 PM
End Time: 10:20 PM
Price: $10
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Featuring the complete soundtrack to one of rock's most influential and talked-about albums (plus two additional songs), Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon creates a mind-bending landscape of light and sound set to Pink Floyd's 1973 masterpiece.

Experience classic rock as never before, accompanied by dazzling visual effects during this laser light show. Be sure to catch this sensational show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon! Please note: Laser shows contain bright, flashing lights that may cause discomfort to those with light sensitivity or other pre-existing conditions.

Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon