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Multiverse Concert Series: Hidden Worlds Museum of Science
Science Park
Boston, MA
November 14, 2019
Start Time: 7:30 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM
Price: $15
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Explore the unseen beauty that exists in our present world during this multimedia experience that fuses together live music, science and stunning planetarium visuals. From the fractal patterns of nature to the dance of living cells, prepare to be immersed within these hidden worlds and discover the splendors that are all around us.

Fluid dynamics researcher Irmgard Bischofberger, Multiverse resident composer David Ibbett and cell biologist Alexey Veraksa will guide you on a narrated journey through the structures of life and non-life, revealing how the principles of chaos and order interact to produce the symmetry and flux of our surrounding world. Featuring original live electrosymphonic music for piano and chamber ensemble.

Multiverse Concert Series: Hidden Worlds