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Placemaking Objects: BCA Artist Studios Building Exhibition Boston Center For The Arts
539 Tremont Street
Boston, MA
September 25, 2016
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Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) presents Placemaking Objects: Artist Studios Building Summer 2016. It presents 16 small-scale works, by 16 artists with studios on the BCA campus; artists who work in proximity to each other, yet whose art evidences a divergent range of experiences and outlooks. As exhibition curator Jennifer Hall writes:

The objects in this exhibit hold on to the places from which they came—rubbage from a city street, a mishap from the artist’s studio, a pile of dirt reformed. Some are a site of visual abstraction. Others, the space of a narrative. Certain objects describe a psychological location. Perhaps an emotional situation—trauma, pleasure, or a laughable moment. Each object creates its own enclosure. Each is an isolated shelter of significance.

When objects are brought together for exhibition, their divergent places of origin align in a spatial collage, persistent in their sovereignty, yet capable of expansion. Each object, with its own history of place, now hangs next to another. We expect them to be good neighbors within this new residence. And yet, a rupture is evident between the individual place of each object and the exterior relationships with the other objects. Placement exposes both the potential and the pressure of cohabitation. The objects’ interiority and exteriority simultaneously bind them to and repel them from each other.

Each object has the ability to show to us its autonomy, negotiate its mutual connectivity, and to build a new place of being among its community.

Placemaking Objects: BCA Artist Studios Building Exhibition