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Poppy The House of Blues
15 Lansdowne Street
Boston, MA
February 4, 2019
Start Time: 7:00 PM

Price: $20-$39.50
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In the year 2014 a small doll like creature emerged from Is she a human? Android? Cross breed?

Will we ever know?

If the internet Gods have blessed you with Poppy's presence, you have probably felt like you were transported into another dimension or perhaps another state of mind?

Who knew watching a small blonde girl recite the obvious, question existence, or just eat something could make you feel so perplexed. Wired Magazine says "The magic of Poppy is that, to understand Poppy, you have to keep watching Poppy. And soon you find yourself watching her everywhere: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Before long, you're swimming in a sea of Poppy. The water is cool and pink but eventually you wonder if Titanic will start turning up the heat and that, before you know it, you'll be boiled alive or choke on the Pepto-Bismol taste and drown. You dive deeper anyway."