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Son Little: Spring 2019 Tour City Winery Boston
80 Beverly Street
Boston, MA
March 1, 2019
Start Time: 8:00 PM

Price: $18-$25
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Son Little, New Magic

What is the new magic of music? If you trace the path of a plan back to its beginnings, what do you find? Is it a tree, growing from seed with deep roots planted in fertile soil, branches arcing out in all directions? Or a spark in the dark, an electrical charge? Is it a waterway, with swirling currents raging to create a river? Or is it a snowflake, falling from on high and dropping down to earth with a singular splash?

For Son Little, the genesis of a musical idea—the magic—remains largely a mystery. But his kinetic ability to summon that energy all the same, to command it, hold onto it, and set it in motion, is the stuff of alchemy.

Son Little: Spring 2019 Tour