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Stand Up Paddle Glow Tour! Landing Beach
400 Center St.
Yarmouth, MA
August 19, 2017
Start Time: 2:30 PM
End Time: 10:30 PM
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Not only will the moon and stars light up the night, but you will too! SUP glow tours add an entirely new experience to Standup Paddling. As your sense of vision becomes restricted from the darkness, your sense of sound and smell kick into overdrive, allowing you to experience the water completely different from the day. Your board becomes a flashlight below the water’s surface attracting a variety of marine life for you to enjoy (you might even see a few seals!). Enjoy a stop at Linell Landing beach beforehand for a walk and possibly a quick dip! Bring a bathing suit and towel. You must know how to swim.

Stand Up Paddle Glow Tour!