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Whitewater Rafting at Zoar Outdoor! Ridj-it, LLC
Greater Boston
Reading, MA
August 12, 2017
Start Time: 7:30 AM
End Time: 8:00 PM
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1. If you can drive and take people with you, there are two options:

Register here and help test out our new website:

You'll be reimbursed for gas and travel!

2. If you need a ride:

Register here and help test out our new website (get 30% off):

Those who register via MeetUp will receive discounts with promo code ZoarMeetUp.

3. An RSVP on Meetup is not a real RSVP. Using the website or calendar will be the only sources by which participants will have legitimate attendance for the outing. If an individual comes to an event without registering via the calendar, this person will not be allowed to participate in that outing and will be subsequently banned. Disregard any wait list you may see on Meetup. Carpool rides canceled greater than 24 hours in advance will receive a credit. Any ride canceled 24 hours or less from the event will receive no credit. 

4. Event Description 

While paddling on Class III and Class IV rapids, we will be rafting down Deerfield River’s most exciting section, the Monroe Bridge Dryway. Along the way, we’ll be passing Factory Rapid, Dunbar Brook, Dragon’s Tooth and Labyrinth. We will stop for a snack along the river, and after the trip, we will return to the basecamp for a barbecue lunch and a slide show of the day’s adventures. Please note that although beginners are welcome on this trip, you should be aware that you may be required to swim aggressively wearing a personal flotation device in rocky, fast whitewater. Please bring your signed waiver with you ahead of time, which will speed up the registration process. You may download the waiver at the following link: 


How many people fit in a boat? 
The tour company will fit a maximum of six (6) people per boat.  

Can we rent wetsuits? 
Yes, Zoar has wetsuits available to rent. Online or over the phone, you can pre-rent wetsuits for $10 plus tax; this package includes the wetsuit, a pair of river booties, and a splash jacket. Pre-rentals online or over the phone are non-refundable if you choose not to use them. You can also rent them at Zoar before you trip for $10 for the wetsuit, and $5 each for the booties and the jacket.  

Are wetsuits required? 
Wetsuits are not required, but they are ideal for those wishing to layer up for colder weather or those who tend to get chilly easily. The extra wetsuit layer helps to keep you warm, so it depends on personal preference.

Will there be photos of our trip? 
Yes! Zoar’s photographer will be stationed at one of the class III rapids taking high quality pictures of each raft. Back at base, you'll be able to view your photos in the rafting pavilion. If you'd like, you can purchase them on the spot or purchase them online.  

What happens if the forecast calls for rain or storms? 
Zoar runs the trips rain or shine, so you should come prepared for the weather. If Zoar has to cancel the trip, the decision would be made on the morning of the trip. However, it’s rare that weather forces the company to cancel rafting trips.  

What do we do with our car keys? 
Keep your car keys with you during registration, as Zoar will collect those and put them in a lock box just before gearing up. The keys will be returned to you when we get off the boats.  

What will we be eating? 
Snacks: chips, salsa, fruit, brownies, and beverages.  
Dinner: a large barbecue spread of chips & salsa, marinated chicken and beef, veggie burgers, a hot veggie baked dish, marinated mushrooms, green salad, additional veggie salads, rolls & butter, and a dessert as well as drinks. 

What To Bring 
Everything you bring with you on the raft will get wet, so please leave all valuables in the car!  

1. Bathing suit  
2. Light layers, since Drywater remains cooler year-round (NO COTTON, since it will keep you cold and wet during the trip). We recommend wearing wool and synthetic materials, such as polypropylene, nylon and fleece.  
3. If you wear glasses / sunglasses, please bring an eyewear retainer.  
4. Sneakers or other shoes that can be secured to your feet. NO flip flops or Crocs!  
5. Sunscreen and bug spray  
6. Spending money for coin-operated showers, tip for guide or souvenirs  
7. Towel and change of clothes to ride home in   
8. Bag to place your wet clothes in for the ride home  
9. Wetsuit (optional and for rent by Zoar)  
10. Splash jacket (optional and for rent by Zoar)  
11. Neoprene river booties (optional and for rent by Zoar)

Please sign up as soon as possible, as Zoar is already booking up in August! We'd like to make the reservation within the next few weeks, if possible.

Whitewater Rafting at Zoar Outdoor!