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Wines of Sonoma County Legal on the Mystic - The Outlets at Assembly Row
225 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA
October 24 - November 20, 2016
Recurring daily

Located 30 miles north of San Francisco and encompassing 60 miles of rocky Pacific coastline, Sonoma County is among the world’s most dynamic wine regions.  Within its 17 different sub-appellations, Sonoma’s wide variety of micro-climates each ripen a different mix of grape varieties and produce a dazzling range of wine styles.  The Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast, both cooled by morning fogs and Pacific breezes, are ideally suited to making vibrant, crisp wines from cooler climate varieties, such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Further inland, both the warmer Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys produce rich, fuller bodied Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as other varieties.  Factor in the diversity of soil types that results from growing grapes on mountainsides as well as valley floors, and it’s clear that the mosaic of tastes Sonoma offers is compelling.  Sonoma’s diversity enables us to highlight a fantastic selection of unique wines for you to sample and enjoy from the County’s finest artisan winegrowers, most of which are family-owned: zesty mineral-accented whites, those with rounder textures, dry Rosés, charming delicately fruity red wines, and bolder reds that taste lush and full on the palate.  The beautiful synergy of Sonoma’s most delicious wines with a broad range of our cuisine is the primary reason we want to highlight this selection of what the County offers.  Included in our menu are some of Sonoma’s superstar estates, as well as those that will likely be a new discovery for many diners.  Whether you order a lighter dish from our menu, or one that is richer in texture, we’re confident that one or more of the following selections will complement it beautifully:

Mauritson SAUVIGNON BLANC, Dry Creek Valley, 2015
MacRostie CHARDONNAY, Sonoma Coast, 2014
Sonoma-Cutrer “Russian River Ranches” CHARDONNAY, Sonoma Coast, 2014
Crossbarn by Paul Hobbs CHARDONNAY, Sonoma Mountain, 2015
Dry Rosé
Martin Ray PINOT NOIR ROSÉ, Russian River Valley, 2015
DeLoach “Block 1950” PINOT NOIR, Sonoma Coast, 2014
Ramey Cellars PINOT NOIR, Russian River Valley, 2014
Seghesio Family Vineyards ZINFANDEL, Sonoma County, 2014
Buena Vista “Raison d’Etre” MERLOT, Sonoma, 2013
Noble Tree “Wickersham Ranch” Estate CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Sonoma County, 2014
Jordan CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Alexander Valley, 2012

Wines of Sonoma County