Seasonal Activities

The Greater Boston area is where you can enjoy four distinct seasons.  At BostonUSA we recognize five seasons –  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and The Holidays!  Each year and each season we celebrate and host many annual events and festivals – some of the most notable are listed below.

Summer sneaks in with warmer temperatures, blue skies and outdoor festivals in every neighborhood.

As the air gets cooler and the sweaters come out, we see the tour buses arrive to take in the spectacular display of color that Mother Nature creates for a New England fall season.

The arrival of the Nova Scotia gifted tree on the Boston Common indicates the holidays and winter season will be quickly upon us.  The city lights up, a little snow may fall and we move indoors to take full advantage of the outstanding theatre, arts and museums exhibits available in Boston and the surrounding area.

When a soft snowfall flutters down on Boston's Beacon Hill, the heart can't help but be filled with romance. The lamp lit streets and cobblestone alleys create a picture postcard of New England that you'll cherish forever. Of course, the winter season is not just for romantics, there's plenty to do in town for everyone: Educational museums, thrilling theaters, and delightful dining abound.

As the crocuses and daffodils appear, coats are shed, gardens are planted, and duck boats appear in the river — it’s a sure sign spring has sprung.