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GBCVB Employee Information


The Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB) is the primary private sector marketing and visitor services organization charged with the development of meetings, conventions and tourism-related business. Our goal is to enhance the economy of Boston, Cambridge and the metropolitan area.


The GBCVB is a not-for-profit, membership-driven sales and marketing organization comprised of over 1,200 companies in Boston, Cambridge and across New England that depend upon the visitor and convention industries for their own success and growth.

Welcome to your online access to GBCVB employee information and forms.  

Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff Listing

  @bostonusa.com 617.867.8_ _ _
Ajakaiye, Hilina - Executive Vice President  hajakaiye 219
Sheridan, Martha - President & CEO  msheridan 278
Deveney, Lisa - Vice President, Destination Services | Meetings & Events ldeveney 216
Jones, Rebecca - Sales & Destination Services Assistant rjones 244
Mooney, Jessie - Specialist, Destination Services|Meetings & Events jmooney 227
Roberts, Stacy - Manager, Destination Services | Meetings & Events sroberts 231
Domenico, Debra - Accounts Receivable Manager ddomenico 239
Farrell, Tim - Director of Finance tfarrell 234
Sullivan, Jessie - Human Resources Consultant jsullivan 781.374.5258
Auger, Steve - Leisure Destination Services & Operations Manager sauger 214
DiNunzio, Diane - Vice President, Leisure Destination Services & Operations ddinunzio 283
McCaffrey-Lewis, Maura - Leisure Destination Services Manager, Boston Common mmccaffrey 617.426.3115
Smith, Marina - Leisure Destination Services Manager, Boston Common msmith 617.426.3115
Carmignani, Kamilla - Director of Membership Development kdcarmignani 277
Dale, Sarah - Advertising Sales & Membership Development Manager sdale 249
McGibbon, Glenn - Director of Web & Digital Marketing gmcgibbon 269
Lambert, Joshua - Social Media Specialist jlambert  272
O'Donnell, David - Vice President, Strategic Communications dodonnell  214
Cronin, Sue - Vice President of Publications scronin 253
Berry, Jenna - Sales Manager jberry 271
Buckley, Maureen - Director of Sales, DC, VA & MD mbuckley 248
Pappas, Stephanie - Vice President, International Meetings and Sports Sales spappas 222
Piatelli, Greg - National Sales Manager, Midwest & Southeast gpiatelli 256
Power, Greg - Assistant Director of Sales, Northeast gpower 230
Stehley, Beth - Senior Vice President of Sales  bstehley 236
Thomas, Greg - National Sales Manager, West of the Mississippi gthomas 242
Thornton, Stacy - Senior Manager, Tourism Sales  sthornton 203

Boston Convention Center Marketing Staff Listing

Name Title Office Email
Angelova, Bojura Public Relations Specialist 617-954-2256 bangelova
Barrett, Kasey Marketing Coordinator 617-954-2217 kbarrett
Blangy, Patrick Representative Sales Director - International 804-212-4803 pblangy
Cheng, Phyllis Director,  Hotel Relations & Services 617-954-3342 pcheng
Choueiri, Mary Director, National Accounts 617-954-3338 mchoueiri
Cohen, Alyssa Sales Manager, Event and Media Sales 617-954-3321 ddwyer
Fabiano, Diane National Sales Manager 617-954-3340 dfabiano
Flaherty, Jessica Advertising Sales, Strategy and Development 617-875-6265 jflaherty
Hagerty, Michelle Business Development Manager 857-293-3019 mhagerty
Herbert, Milt Executive Director 617-954-3330 mherbert
Izhar, Caryn VP of Conventin Center Marketing 617-954-2304 cizhar
Jaro, Celine Sales Manager 617-954-2034 cjaro
Jewett, Kimberly Executive Assistant 617-954-3328 kjewett
McClearn, Christine Marketing Design Manager 617-954-2305 cmcclearn
Migre, Mary Senior Director, Sales and Industry Relations 617-954-3332 mmigre
Miller, Meredith National Sales Manager 617-954-2065 mmiller
Mollica, Bob Director, National Accounts 617-954-3339 bmollica
Moore, Melody Sales Manager 617-954-2428 mmoore
Muller, Dawn Business Development Manager 617-954-3337 dmuller
Munn, Michael Chief of Staff/Director Business Development 617-867-8259 mmunn
Nagle, Caitlin National Sales Manager 617-954-2481 cnagle
O'Brien, Chelsea Manager, Hotel relations & Services 617-954-3325 cobrien
O'Brien, Kathy Director of Marketing 617-954-2293 kobrien
Park, Soozin Associate Director, Hotel Relations & Services 617-954-3344 spark
Parlo, Valerie Senior Sales Manager 617-954-3320 sparlo
Pellegrini, Bob Vice President of Sales 617-954-3331 rpellegrini
Phan, Rose Graphic Design Coordinator 617-954-2023 rphan
Pritzker, Jane Director, National Accounts 617-954-3335 jpritzker
Quy, Catherine  Manager, Hotel Relations & Services 617-954-2074 cquy
Redman, Robert Director, National Accounts 617-954-3336 rredman
Ross, Carolyn Sales Coordinator 617-954-3345 cross
Sheng, Judy Director of Sales 617-954-3334 jsheng
White, Stacy Marketing Events & Communications Manager 617-954-2310 swhite
Wilson, Don Graphic Designer 617-954-2015 djwilson
Wright, Nadine Marketing Communications Manager 617-954-2325 nwright