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RevolutionaryBoston at the OLD STATE HOUSE
Boston - Downtown/Financial District
206 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 720-1713
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RevolutionaryBoston® at the Old State House Experience the newest interactive group tours in Boston in the oldest and most beautiful example of royal British architecture in North America! Exclusively at the Old State House, groups experience what it was like to be in Boston during the 18th century at the cusp of the revolution! Take part in engaging and interactive tours and activities, like discovering what really happened during the event that those upstart colonists called The Boston Massacre, and interact with others in your group as you find out what it was like to be a Revolutionary Character in 18th century Boston! The Boston Massacre Tour is 30 minutes, beginning inside the Old State House, then outside to the actual site, all the while exploring the conflicting views on that infamous event of March 5, 1770. Was it really a “Bloody Massacre on King Street” as those upstart colonists would have you believe or a terribly unfortunate incident resulting from a rebellious and out of control mob? Our knowledgeable and interactive guides will inform and entertain, but at the end you will decide for yourself what really happened. Please inquire for group rates. Revolutionary Characters, our new interactive visitor program, focuses visitors on experiencing life in RevolutionaryBoston. Each member of the group takes on the persona of one of several dozen Bostonians from all walks of life. With the help of our friendly and helpful guides, the group members will learn about all the characters through their exploration of the Old State House and by interacting with other group members. A fun program for all ages, Revolutionary Characters brings the group together and leaves everyone with a shared activity they will remember forever! Please inquire for group rates.

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  • Largest Room 1,200
  • Reception Capacity 150
  • Theatre Capacity 75
  • Banquet Capacity 75
  • Number of Rooms 2
  • Classroom Capacity 40