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Membership Focus Group

Welcome to the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB)

For 45 years the GBCVB has been marketing Boston to visitors and promoting its member companies. The Bureau’s primary objective is to accentuate the unique assets that make Boston a world-renowned city - to curate offerings, itineraries, and storytelling concepts that are compelling and accessible. Membership is a fundamental component of this undertaking; any business that touches the travel and tourism economy, even in an ancillary manner, benefits from the work being done by the Bureau. However, many of these businesses are not fully aware of how the Bureau operates, how they can leverage Bureau initiatives, or even how much they actually depend on the visitor economy.

Why Should you consider the GBCVB?

Membership connects the dots.  It is a mutually beneficial investment between the Bureau and its partners. As we strive to tell a bigger, better, and broader Boston story - essentially a more authentic narrative - we are laser focused on the small businesses, eclectic neighborhoods, and vibrant cultural and commercial enclaves across Boston that we know visitors are eager to explore.

Boston Neighborhood Map

Partner with Us

We are bringing our membership proposition to new partners and communities and we need your help to do this effectively and authentically. Please review and fill out the form below so that we can better understand your perspective on GBCVB membership. Deadline to apply: December 31, 2021

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