Member Testimonials

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Our members are our biggest supporters. See what they have to say about their successes while partnering with the GBCVB.

"My longtime membership with the GBCVB has benefited me in countless ways: I have a reliable and supportive touchstone, I know what's going on in the city, and I am a true part of the marketing of Boston - our fantastic product. I am thrilled with the CVB staff - we are treated as in-house clients and it feels good!"
- Donna Wolfe, Meeting Planner and Consultant

"Joining the GBCVB was one of the best sales and marketing investments Pinehills Golf Club has made since opening our doors in 2001. The knowledge and helpfulness of the staff, the unique outreach programs and the sales efforts all come together to offer leads and follow up that can't be supplied from any other sources. A substantial percentage of our outings are booked through GBCVB leads, welcoming new clients from all over the world. Membership has become an integral part of our marketing efforts and we look forward to many years of partnership with this outstanding organization."
Christine Frazier, Director of Sales, Marketing and Special Events, Pinehills Golf Club

"The GBCVB has been the best organization for my company to join because of the service and advocacy I have received from being a member. They helped to promote our product and service, helped us to identify opportunities, and made connections for us that have led to new business. The GBCVB has been instrumental in getting our company off the ground and they are all just super to work with!"
Simon Dao, President, Pocket Metro

"I joined the GBCVB five years ago while my bike tour business, Urban AdvenTours, was just a start-up. Joining this organization was one of the best business decisions I made during the early years of my company. I knew little about the tourism market when I first started, and the staff at the GBCVB has always been an excellent resource for learning about the industry and growing my business, in addition to being great friends. Every staff person and member of the GBCVB is an ambassador for Boston, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of a family of businesses that are as excited as I am about promoting Boston."
Andrew Prescott, Chief Wheel Officer for a 'Greener' Boston, Urban AdvenTours - Guided Bicycle Tours and Bike Rentals

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