Planning Your Trip to Greater Boston

You've made the right choice to visit Boston!  Boston is an active, vibrant city with something for everyone.  

We'll help plan your visit  - from getting here to getting around, what to expect for weather, and ideas to make your stay more enjoyable.

Airplane 4047May 25, 2008-4
Getting Here By land, by sea, by air - whatever your choice, we'll help you find your...
navigating boston girl with map calling cab
Getting Around Boston's transportation system will help you navigate smoothly, from Harvard to...
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Videos (multi-lingual) UK English, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese language videos for our international...
weather mass ave underpass snowy trees
Weather The weather in Boston is forever changing. Find typical weather information for all...
More Resources
Additional Resources Guides, newsletters and Boston souvenirs to help you plan your trip to Boston
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Save on Attractions While visiting Boston, consider one of the attraction passes that offer discounts...

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