Employee Safety Measures



   For all businesses, the safety of employees is essential. Implementing policies and protocols to ensure employee safety is just as vital as implementing new guidelines for employee-customer interaction. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has announced Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards that also include sector-specific checklists.**Bracket End

Social Distancing                   Social Distance

  • All employees, customers, and vendors must be six feet apart both inside and outside workplaces

  • If there is no framework for this, new protocols must be established for employees to practice adequate social distancing

  • Signage for safe social distancing should be mandatory and appropriate PPE equipment must be provided

Hygiene Protocols                   Washing Hands

  • Hand washing and sanitizing capabilities must exist throughout the workplace

  • Frequent hand washing should be mandated with adequate supplies available

  • High-touch areas, such as workstations, counters, equipment, screens, doorknobs,

    restrooms, and kitchen appliances should be regularly sanitized throughout work site

Staffing and Operations          Widgets

  • Provide employees with the training they will need to incorporate social distancing norms and heightened hygiene protocols, as well as masks to be utilized when social distancing is not possible

  • Employees MUST monitor themselves for COVID-19-like symptoms and must NOT report to work should they exhibit any associated symptoms

  • Employers MUST establish a plan for employees who get sick from COVID-19, which will require an updated sick leave policy and a comprehensive return-to-work plan

Cleaning and Disinfecting         Spray Bottle

  • Business-specific cleaning protocols must be maintained, including keen attention to high-touch surfaces and the regular disinfection and sanitizing of these areas

  • When an active employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, cleaning and disinfecting must be performed



   Businesses should promote health screening measures for employees and establish a set of procedures aligned with CDC guidance should an employee or customer test positive for COVID-19.Bracket End


Businesses should require ALL staff to do the following:

  • Be vigilant and transparent in monitoring their own health and watching for any symptoms

  • Stay Home, do NOT report to work if any such symptoms manifest

  • Prepare to self-isolate if COVID-19 symptoms appear for up to 2 weeks while awaiting
    test results, or in the event of a positive diagnosis

    **The Employee Safety Measures section reflects recommendations put forth in the Commonwealth’s Reopening Massachusetts.